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refrigerated case

Tangerine juice is on sale at the Umaiya store's refrigerated case. It is a store in an area where many Japanese people live in Hong Kong. There is a lot of Japanese food. Please come by all means

Umaiya 美味屋さんで販売中の 陽だまりみかんジュースは、冷蔵ケースに入っています。

Umaiya 美味屋 https://www.facebook.com/umaiya.hk

香港 Shop No. UG25 on UG/F, The Laguna Mall, 8 Laguna Verde Avenue, Hunghom, Kowloon

香港在住の日本人の方が多く住むエリアにある店舗です。 ぜひ一度お立ち寄りください。