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Hong Kong(English Ver.)

Two days before departing to Hong Kong, shocking contact.

The promotion venue will be unusable.


Suddenly the venue usage fee will be charged 600,000 yen.

Local partners will desperately negotiate.

It will go down to 100,000 yen, but promote at this venue

Give up.

Well, I was in trouble.

I hurriedly ordered the panel and the simple table to the local partner.

From now the venue for promotion can not be secured and it will become a street promotion.

Free mandarin orange juice is distributed on the street between the ferry platform and the station and have the questionnaire answered.

Promotion started by installing temporary table.

However, distributing juice and questionnaire are okay, but setting up the table is gray zone.

It's okay if a policeman comes up and lifts the table.

And the explanation of the local partner.

What should I do if I am arrested.

The policeman passed straight. The Japanese have a table on the street.

I did not receive any attention.

But, people in Hong Kong are very good people, I like Hong Kong.



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