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  • We are looking for seasonal fruit pickers and carriers. New!

  • ​We are no longer accepting applications for mandarin orange tree owners. ​

  • Notice of closure of the allotment garden

Commitment to quality mandarin oranges
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We bring their natural taste

 Some grasses, insects, and animals in our farm are called "pests, " but have natural rights. We commit to engage in agriculture without violating the laws of nature. We provide customers with products that truly convey the joy of working on the farm, such as the atmosphere and vitality of each worker, happy conversations, and laughter.

Our agribusiness is small but we act quickly

 We can act quickly in a way only possible by small-scale farmers, and take responsibility for selling our products, not relying on others. We have an exclusive contract with a designer to make products that young mothers pick up.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives

 We take part in the agricultural experience program led by Hamamatsu City. This program is not a typical farming experience. It includes behind-the-scenes farm work, fruit sorting, labeling, and harvesting mandarin oranges for the handicapped. The program has also been featured as a case study in the introduction of agricultural experience in Hamamatsu City. It also has a synergistic effect of making people aware of the current state of agriculture.

Awareness of food safety and security

As producers, we  bear responsibility for providing safe and secure food. We, the staff of Sunny Spot Farm, are keeping in mind that we are a member of the local food production community. Also, we care about producing mandarin oranges that are reasonably tasty, reasonably priced, and can be eaten a lot rather than outstandingly good ones.


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